John Lewis

Week 4: July 20, 2020

As many of are probably aware, the civil rights legend John Lewis passed away on Friday, July 17, 2020. He dedicated his life to the fight for equality and was particularly focused on expanding the right to vote to those people who had been systematically disenfranchised. With a philosophy of “get in the way”, his message for continued activism rings particularly true in these challenging times. 

Below is a 3-minute interview clip of John Lewis which includes his famous speech at the March on Washington.


How is Lewis’ message still relevant today?

What can you do to honor his memory and uphold his legacy?

Further research:

Here is a fantastic 50 minute documentary about his life and work as a champion for civil rights.

John Lewis was a fierce advocate for the rights of any and all oppressed people in our country. He led marches to fight for the rights of African Americans, immigrants, the Lgbtq+ community, victims of gun violence, and women. One of the original 13 freedom riders, John Lewis has fought a long and relentless fight, and in his memory, it is our duty to continue his work. 

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